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If you are an librarian or if you are associate of a faculty and would like to recommend The Review of Diabetic Studies for subscription to your library then send your request for a free sample issue by mail to Info(at)

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Libraries interested in the subscription to the printed and online edition of The Review of Diabetic Studies are ask to use the online subscription form or to send order to:

SBDR - Society for Biomedical
Diabetes Research
The RDS Editorial Office
Gneisenaustr. 86
47057 Duisburg
Tel: +49-203-9413-722
Fax: +49-203-9413-724
info (at)

Diabetes Open Directory:
The Review of Diabetic Studies supports the Diabetes Open Directory (DOD). Libraries are asked to offer their users access to the Diabetes Open Directory (DOD) by linking to on their homepage. The link may be accompanied by following text: "Data base for publications on diabetes research."