The Review of Diabetic Studies is an international science journal peer-reviewed by highly qualified experts and published quarterly by the SBDR, a charitable society dedicated to the advancement of biomedical science. The journal publishes biomedical research related to a remission of diabetes and an improvement of patients' healthcare. Topics of articles are from different research fields, such as immunology, genetics, transplantation, stem cell research, clinical diabetes of type 1 and 2, etc. The RDS primarily publishes selected articles of fundamental research as well as review articles written by well-known experts. Subscription to The Review of Diabetic Studies is available on a yearly volume basis only including online access, at the following rates:

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Single (current) issue price for individuals is 60 Euros, back issue 45 Euros. For institutions, single current issue 110 Euros, back issue 80 Euros. Add 7% sales tax for orders from Germany. To order a single issue please proceed here. Applications for membership to the SBDR are possible here

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