Copyright Agreement

The copyright agreement must be made between the authors of manuscripts submitted for publication in The RDS and the SBDR as the publisher of The RDS. The form is available as PDF here. It must be filled out and signed by all authors of your manuscript and sent to The RDS Editorial Office before publication. Submissions of manuscripts do not need to be accompanied by the copyright agreement form, but must contain at least the following declaration (preferably on the last page of your manuscript):

On behalf of all co-authors of the manuscript in question (insert title of article here), we confirm that the content represents original or unpublished work and has not been submitted for publication elsewhere. We also confirm that all authors named on the title page of this manuscript have contributed to the article's development and have approved the finally submitted version. On behalf of all co-authors, we transfer the exclusive right to publish the manuscript in print and online (in parts or as a whole) to the publisher (the SBDR) and allow publication and storage in third party repositories (such as Medline, PubMed etc.), should the manuscript be accepted for publication. We retain the right to use the results and corresponding patents presented in the article. We undertake to refer to The RDS (i.e. the SBDR) as the publisher of the original article in any cases of further utilization. The sender of the manuscript in question declares upon submission that all co-authors have read and approved this declaration and that they agree that the declaration is effective upon submission to the RDS Editorial Board.

This declaration does not need to be signed by the author(s). However, upon submission you agree that this declaration will be effective.

Before publication of your manuscript in The RDS, the copyright agreement form must be filled out (please use the PDF version), signed by all co-authors and sent by post to:

SBDR - Society for Biomedical
Diabetes Research
RDS Editorial Office
Gneisenaustr. 86
47057 Duisburg

or as a fax to: