Use of Funds

Curative diabetes therapy

All funds are used for developing a curative diabetes therapy

100% of all donations are used for the society's charitable aims exclusively. The primary objective of the SBDR is to foster, introduce and perform research activities appropriate for developing a curative diabetes therapy. We are searching for a therapy that is effective and safe, whereat safe means without serious side effects and minimal invasive without the need of foreign organ transplantation. Foreign sources in terms of islets from human cadavers or animals or stem cells from fetus for transplantation are not available in sufficiently high quantity and would induce the own immune system to reject the foreign tissue. This creates the need for lifelong intake of immunosuppressive drugs and thereby substitutes the one drug (antidiabetic agent or insulin) by another.

Diabetes research

Much effort is needed to create an effective and safe solution. This includes exploring the human immune and metabolic systems and to learn more about the development and function of cells and organs. Even if we have good insight in the pathophysiology of diabetic animal models, much is unknown in the machineries of the human immune system. We have learned that the differences between human and animal physiology is much greater than commonly assumed. When therapy is brought to the clinic little is known about substantial changes that follows these interventions. Interventions in the immune system can be systemic or irreversable. Therefore, overhasty application must be avoided. Your donation to our research means that you support the development of a safe therapy before it is transferred to the clinic. It is critical to explore the consequences of systemic imune interventions in every detail. This is an often disregarded priciple in the today's medical and pharmacological business.


The SBDR is constraint by law to support only those projects that focus on the most promising research courses to attain health. The field of relevant research capable to achieve the Society's Mission Principles is rigorously reviewed by peer scientists working for SBDR and publishing the cutting edge journal The Review of Diabetic Studies. With your donation you contribute to achieve and keep this high standard. You help us curing diabetes!

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