Immunology and Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes

Special Issue

Immunology and Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes.

Including reviews by leading experts in the field. Edited by Anne Cooke and Pere Santamaria.

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Manuscript due: December 15, 2012.


Table of Contents (early view articles available; click links in table)




I. Pathogenesis

New tools - NOD ES cells

Anne Cooke and Nick Holmes

Pathogenic mechanisms in type 1 diabetes

Thomas Kay

Genetics and function (mouse versus human)

Clayton E. Mathews

Phosphatase polymorphisms and type 1 diabetes (human PTPN22, PTPN2)

Jane Buckner

Post-GWAS era in type 1 diabetes: use of GWAS data to understand diabetes at the molecular level

Alan Baxter

Novel biomarkers in T1D

Yulan Jinand, Jin-Xiong She

New findings on autoantigens

Maki Nakayama

Metabolomics and islet autoimmunity

Matej Oresic

II. Prevention

Gut microbiota and type 1 diabetes

Outi Vaarala

Interaction of environmental factors and islet autoimmunity, viral infections

Heikki Hyƶty

Infection-helminths and type 1 diabetes

Paola Zaccone

III. Re-establishing tolerance

Type 1 diabetes therapy beyond T cell targeting: monocytes, B cells, and innate lymphocytes

Susan Wong

Dendritic and B cell-based approaches (i.e. targeting antigens to tolerogenic Dcs)

Karsten Kretschmer

ECDI-fixed antigen-pulsed PBMCs (and other tolerance approaches in NOD mice and T1D and comparison/contrast to use of Ag-coupled cells and Ag-nanoparticles)

Stephen D. Miller

New efforts to bring antigen-specific therapies to the clinic (new NovoNordisk T1D R&D center)

Matthias von Herrath and Ken Coppieters

Antigen and DNA vaccination in type 1 diabetes

Len Harrison

IL1Ra antagonists and other cytokine blockade strategies

Thomas Mandrup-Poulsen

pMHC-coated nanoparticles

Pere Santamaria

Microparticle-based delivery of antisense or siRNA to local DCs

Massimo Trucco

IV. Where are we with clinical trials?

Immune-directed type 1 diabetes therapy in the clinic - The Immune Tolerance Network

Gerald T. Nepom and Mario Ehlers

Type 1 diabetes therapy in clinical testing: European trials with aCD3

Lucienne Chatenoud and Herman Waldmann

V. Beta-cell replacement

Islet transplantation in type 1 diabetes

AM James Shapiro


Susan Bonner-Weir, et al.