The Review of Diabetic Studies
Vol.14, Issue 4-Winter 2017
ISSN print edition 1613-6071
ISSN online edition 1614-0575

Content of No. 4 - 2017


Polymeric Scaffolds for Pancreatic Tissue Engineering: A Review

Nupur Kumar, Heer Joisher, Anasuya Ganguly

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Original Data

Relationship Between Serum Uric Acid and Incident Hypertension in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Mohsen Janghorbani, Heshmatollah Ghanbari, Ashraf Aminorroaya, Masoud Amini

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Association of Oxytocin with Glucose Intolerance and Inflammation Biomarkers in Metabolic Syndrome Patients with and without Prediabetes

Amal Akour, Violet Kasabri, Nailya Bulatova, Suha Al Muhaissen, Randa Naffa, Hiba Fahmawi, Munther Momani, Ayman Zayed, Yasser Bustanji

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Duration of Type 2 Diabetes is a Predictor of Elevated Plantar Foot Pressure

Brooke Falzon, Cynthia Formosa, Liberato Camilleri, Alfred Gatt

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Association of Socio-Environmental Determinants with Diabetes Prevalence in the Athens Metropolitan Area, Greece: A Spatial Analysis

Antigoni Faka, Christos Chalkias, Diego Montano, Ekavi N. Georgousopoulou, Anestis Tripitsidis, Efi Koloverou, Dimitris Tousoulis, Christos Pitsavos, Demosthenes B. Panagiotakos

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