The Review of Diabetic Studies
Vol.1, Issue 3-Fall 2004
ISSN print edition 1613-6071
ISSN online edition 1614-0575

Content of No. 3 - 2004


Immunotherapy After Recent-Onset Type 1 Diabetes: Combinatorial Treatment for Achieving Long-Term Remission in Humans?

Damien Bresson, Matthias von Herrath

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Mucosal Tolerance to Prevent Type 1 Diabetes: Can the Outcome Be Improved in Humans?

Arno Hanninen, Leonard C. Harrison

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Original Data

Visceral Obesity and Hemostatic Profile in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: The Effect of Gender and Metabolic Compensation

Elzbieta Kozek, Barbara Katra, Maciej Malecki, Jacek Sieradzki

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Tailored Immunosuppression and Steroid Withdrawal in Pancreas-Kidney Transplantation

Maura Rossetti, Giorgina B. Piccoli, Manuel Burdese, Cesare Guarena, Roberta Giraudi, Elisabetta Mezza, Valentina Consiglio, Giorgio Soragna, Maria Messina, Giuseppe P. Segoloni

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Conference Reports

Modulating the Autoimmune Response in Type 1 Diabetes: A Report on the 64th Scientific Sessions of the ADA, June 2004, Orlando, FL, USA

Peter Achenbach, Martin F├╝chtenbusch

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Type 1 Diabetes and NKT Cells: A Report on the 3rd International Workshop on NKT Cells and CD1-Mediated Antigen Presentation, September 2004, Heron Island, QLD, Australia

Julie M. Fletcher, Margaret A. Jordan, Alan G. Baxter

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Diabetic Perspectives

Spotlight on Ethnomedicine: Usability of Sutherlandia Frutescens in the Treatment of Diabetes

Charles Sia

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