Medical Science Service

Realizing study success

Our complete medical science service includes the steps from planning a medical study (clinical or experimental) to preparing the scientific manuscript and facilitating publication in relevant journals. We provide consultation in all aspects of medical science:

  • to develop new ideas for medical studies and projects
  • to determine optimal study design strictly oriented at the study aims
  • to prepare the study protocol
  • to select and apply relevant methods necessary to demonstrate the results
  • to conduct the study smoothly and meaningfully
  • to analyze the data and evaluate the outcome

Based on these considerations, which are devised in close cooperation with the client, we prepare a concept for your study.

During the study, our team supports you in any relevant questions related to the study, e.g. selection of study subjects, application dosage, laboratory principles, etc.

When the results are generated, we support you in data analysis, interpretation of results, and manuscript writing.

We also support you in preparing presentations of your study results at conferences.

Contact us at Info (at) to plan and conduct your study successfully.