Manuscript Preparation

Creating an inspired and professional article

Based on your study results, we help you preparing a professionally written manuscript created for submission to leading journals in the field. Our team builds on many years of experience in medical writing, consultation, and publishing. The experience tells us that a successful journal submission needs a well organized and written manuscript. During many years of experience in manuscript preparation and language correction in our Editorial Office, it has shown that excellent manuscript results need the combined linguistic and scientific expertise. Therefore, our professional medical writers all show joint expertise in language and scientific writing.

Our support ranges from proofreading of an existing manuscript to the preparation of a completely new article, including all intermediate steps such as:

  • Literature research and identifying relevance
  • Placement of the study into the literature
  • Elaboration of significance
  • Presentation of results and interpretation
  • Preparation of draft
  • Scrutinizing draft and finding limitations
  • Proofreading

We may help you improving or finalizing premature manuscripts, polishing up existing papers, and correcting language, including orthography, grammar, wording, and style. We may also write your scientific paper completely new. Talk to us and find out the approach most suitable for you to obtain a submission-ready manuscript.

Our correctors are native English, learned linguists, and professional scientific writers with specific knowledge in numerous medical fields.

Contact us at Info (at) to prepare for successful manuscript submission.