Research Projects

The SBDR aims to find new ways of treatment for type 1 and 2 diabetes and collaborates with leading research centers to initiate projects and develop new strategies. Projects based on new ideas are suggested to grant agencies for governmental or private research funding. It is our aim to bring together internationally leading scientists in diabetes research for the creation of medium-sized and large collaborative projects. Projects are set up and planned in cooperation with the coordinator and projects partners. The SBDR prepares proposals in cooperation with the partners and carries out management and organizational tasks including identification of grant programs, proposal submission and project management. Projects are also carried out on announced and prospective calls based on suggestions by the SBDR.


You can donate to support the research aimed at finding a cure for diabetes. Your donation helps us curing diabetes! Currently, the projects presented below are on the way. The projects include consortia with leading scientist and detailed project plans on the most promising research.

If you are a private investor or donor, a funding agency or an organization looking for new research topics or consortia that will be able to successfully carry out the proposed research you are welcomed to contact us at research(at) If you are a researcher and if you are interested to participate in a project or if you wish to suggest a project please contact us at research(at) too.


1. Development of Imaging Techniques for Monitoring Beta-Cell Mass Changes and Islet Regeneration - BETAIMAG Research Group

2. Dietary Proteins and Drug Development for Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity - DIPRODRUG Research Group

3. Combined Immunotherapy and Islet Regeneration to Cure Type 1 Diabetes - IMMUREG Research Group