Diabetes Open Directory - A Database for Diabetes-Related Information

The biomedical community has an efficient, freely accessible tool for information spreading regarding published journal articles, PubMed. However, most recent papers are not accessible in fulltext format and much information regarding conferences, news, availabilities, grants etc. is scattered throughout the world wide web.

The Diabetes Open Directory (DOD) is a project intended to serve the needs of scientists in the field of biomedical diabetes research by providing many recent full-text-format articles from a range of topic-related journals. The DOD is a web, which intends to grow by collecting and publishing information regarding biomedical diabetes research. The system is in its test stage currently, but any information inserted by the users will be preserved and go into the final version.

The DOD welcomes comments on current research, announcements of forthcoming events (such as conferences, lectures, meetings, workshops, etc.) and details of grant offers and job vacancies. The DOD also appreciates submissions of free-styled research manuscripts to open immediate discussion. Visit the DOD here.