Become a member of the prestigious Society for Biomedical Diabetes Research, a scientific and ethical society dedicated to the advancement of biomedical science, and receive the printed version of The Review of Diabetic Studies (RDS). The RDS is a peer-reviewed journal publishing basic research data and results of clinical investigations in biomedical science that is related to a remission of autoimmunity/diabetes and an improvement of patients' healthcare.

Members receive The Review of Diabetic Studies regularly, have unlimited access to the online edition of this journal and may take advantage of reduced registration fees at topic-related international conferences and meetings. Furthermore, travel awards are given to scientists and outstanding students and Post-Docs who are annual subscription members of the SBDR. Please find further information regarding these options by using the left-hand menu. You may also find the application forms on these pages.

Regular members can be individuals, students and institutions. The fees are as follows:

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Institutions € 1000 for basic membership.

1 Valid student ID required. Print your filled joining form after submission and send a copy of the
ID along with your application for membership to the SBDR office.

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The fee will be charged at the beginning of each calendar year and can be accepted on a calendar year basis only. New members joining the SBDR are welcomed at any time of the year. Then, missed issues published earlier in the year of admission will be sent promptly.

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