Cardiovascular Disease, Lipids, and Type 2 Diabetes

Special Issue

Cardiovascular Disease, Lipids, and Type 2 Diabetes.

Including reviews by leading experts in the field. Edited by Yau-Jiunn Lee.

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Manuscript due: February 15, 2013
Publication: Spring 2013


Scheduled TOC




I. Pathogenesis of vascular complications in diabetes

1. Pathogenesis of Dyslipidemia and cardiovascular disease in diabetes

Shyi-Jang Shin

2. The link between kidney and cardiovascular disease: the role of dyslipidemia in diabetic patients

Chin-Hsiao Tseng

3. Role of TG in diabetic vascular disease: focus on Asian population

Chin-Hsiao Tseng

4. Dyslipidemia and diabetic nephropathy - a systemic review

Hung-Chun Chen

5. Dyslipidemia and diabetic retinopathy

Wen-Chuan Wu

6. Genetics of dyslipidemia and diabetes

Tjin-Shing Jap

7. Dyslipidemia and endothelial dysfunction

Gerald Watts

II. Treatment of vascular complications in diabetes

1. Effects of statin on patients with diabetes, residual cardiovascular risk after statin treatment, role of HDL-cholesterol or non-HDL cholesterol

Yu-Hung Chang and Yau-Jiunn Lee

2. Systemic review/meta-analysis of statin/fenofibrate primary prevention in diabetic and non-diabetic patients

Yu-Hung Chang and Yau-Jiunn Lee

3. Effectiveness of statin/fibrate treatment in diabetic nephropathy and chronic kidney disease - a systemic review and meta-analysis

Hung-Chun Chen

4. Pharmacogenetics and pharmacokinetics of lipid-lowering agents

Wen-Ter Lai and Chih-Sheng Chu

5. Does combination therapy with statin/fibrate prevent cardiovascular disease in diabetic patients with atherogenic mixed dyslipidemia?

Theodosios D. Filippatos

6. Comparison of clinical effectiveness of recent statin/fibrate therapy in diabetic patients with atherogenic dyslipidemia

Gerald Watts

7. Systemic review/meta-analysis of non-pharmacologic management of diabetes dyslipidemia

Lee-Ming Chuang and J-Y Yu

III. Guidelines for the treatment of dyslipidemia and vascular disease in diabetes – lessons learned by clinical outcomes

1. Should the official guidelines be re-examined and reformulated for diabetes dyslipidemia management and primary prevention?

Shyi-Jang Shin

2. Development of new guidelines for the treatment of diabetic cardiovascular and renal complications